By Katie Lustig, Emerson Work-Study Student

On Wednesday, January 20th, nearly 60 job seekers and career changers from across Greater Boston gathered at CareerSolution for a unique event – RE:Launch. Covering topics like networking, resume writing, social media for the job search and the emotional impact of job seeking, this event offered new skills and new perspectives for attendees. The goal was to motivate and inspire talented job seekers while introducing them to the CareerSolution professional staff and the organization’s resources.  As a bonus, all attendees had the opportunity to have a professional head shot taken to refresh their LinkedIn profiles.



Enlightening discussions that inspired, validated, and motivated both attendees and facilitators created a dynamic atmosphere. One participant mentioned, "It was very empowering - It helped me look at my search and skills with a more positive attitude. I do have skills!" Another attendee commented, "Loved the mixture of direct instruction with workshop type activities - highly effective!"

While navigating through the multiple workshop rooms, I had the pleasure of speaking with a few attendees who shared their expectations and reactions.  Most of those I spoke with shared similar hopes of re-entering the work force with the help of CareerSolution. Jennifer Lambert from Somerville, explained how she is “trying to get re-motivated and re-focused in my job search,” as she admits that having “too many interests” can cause one to lose focus. Valerie Spain explained her intentions of coming to RE:Launch for a “refresher,” but felt that she received much more, noting that she found “opportunities to network” and “got some good pointers for a LinkedIn profile.”

ReLaunchImg2Participants shared struggles about re-entering the workforce, and found solace from CareerSolution staff and peers. Brandee Benten, who is currently in the midst of the interview process, reported that her “anxiety level is really high” while waiting for an employer’s response. Richard Quirk also acknowledged the stress of dealing with rejection and how many of us “put a lot of work into something and get nothing out of it.” CareerSolution is helping individuals manage the stress of the job search in order to stay healthy and on track. After sitting in on a well-being workshop, Quirk explained, “the class gave me strategies to help take care of myself,” which left him with a “positive upbeat feeling at the end of the day.”

ReLaunchImg3At the end of the day, job seekers left the event feeling more confident, energized, and motivated in their job search process. They were reassured that they are not alone, that their feelings of frustration, anger, excitement and anxiety are valid, and that there are resources, like the workshops and experts at CareerSolution to help.

☛ Save the Date: Join us on April 13th for RE:Launch You 2.0 this Spring! Click here for more information.

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