By Beth Squires

Let's face it, an interview can be stressful, especially when you think about how many different types of interviews you may come across in your job search-on the phone, in person, digitally and on-line...OH MY! BUT, not to worry, the good news is most of the time you'll prepare the exact same way for each type of interview.

Regardless of the type of interview, follow these 5 steps to increase your success:

1) Dress to impress - I know what you are thinking, why would you dress to impress when you are talking to someone on the phone? Believe it or not, studies show that dressing professionally increases your self-confidence and your ability to deal with stressful or anxious situations. Same goes for face-to face, on-line or digital interviews.

2) Prepare - In each case, do your homework and research the company multiple ways: their website, press releases, LinkedIn, get as much information as possible. Have your questions or any other supporting documents readily available.

3) Practice - With digital interviews, you may have the opportunity to do a trial run without it being recorded....not so much with the other mediums. In that case, practice answering your questions in front of mirror or using your webcam. Oh, and speaking of webcam or any other technology-based interviewing, test your equipment before the interview! Poor connectivity or quality is not something you should be finding out the day of the interview!

4) Stay Focused - For phone, on-line or digital interviews, remove all distractions, no dogs or kids allowed in the interview! For in- person interviews, silence your cell phone. Keep your answers focused on the question and don't be afraid to say you don't know something, ask to come back to the question-do not lie or embellish.

5) Sell yourself - For most, this is the most difficult part of an interview. My trick is to imagine you are in an airport, your plane is delayed and you are "stuck" talking to the interviewer. Be curious, ask questions, tell stories, relate the conversation to you and your experiences, ask about their experiences. Keep it conversational without rambling on and on.


If you think about it, your whole life is one big interview. Talking to the cashier at the grocery store, standing in line waiting for a cup of coffee, catching up with friends. Take note of how you interact with others - see if you can brush up on your interviewing skills in your daily interactions. Consider taking an interviewing workshop or schedule a taped mock interview. The professionals at CareerSolution can help you prepare for any type of interview. For more information about our Customized Services visit

Beth Squires is a Career Navigator at JVS CareerSolution. She helps mid-late career professionals in the MetroWest region re-enter the workforce. She is passionate about developing targeted resumes, networking "in-front of a computer, not hiding behind a computer," and helping clients focus on their job search process.

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