By CareerSolution Staff

JVS CareerSolution regularly hosts Recruitment Sessions, but why should you consider attending one of these three upcoming sessions?

"Recruitment Sessions are a great way to meet representatives of a company. This is also a great opportunity to ask specific questions about open positions, schedules, salary ranges, and community involvement (to name a few)."

To help you prepare for an upcoming recruitment session, Business Services Manager, and experienced recruiter, Steve Vanaria, provided the following tips:


  • Register!
    • Use the links above to register for a session.
  • Study the company’s website
    • A well-informed candidate will stand out to a recruiter!
  • Identify positions of interest and APPLY
    • Applying online before a recruitment session is advised.
  • Clean up your social media!
    • Just as you would dress professionally for a recruitment session, job fair, or interview, your social media accounts can make an impression!
    • Check your privacy settings (what is public vs. friends only?)
    • Remove any inappropriate content (pictures/post/etc.)
  • If you have a LinkedIn page, this will be the first result when a recruiter Googles you!
  • Plan your outfit & Dress for Success!
    • Men
      • Yes: Dress shirt and tie with dress pants (minimum), dress shoes.
      • Preferably suit or suit jacket.
      • No: Sneakers, shorts, t-shirts, boat shoes, or flip flops.
    • Women
      • Yes: Business Suit or Dress, blouse and slacks.
      • Preferably suit or skirt, heels, dressy sandals
      • No: Sneakers, shorts, t-shirts, or flip flops.
    • Tattoos & Piercings
      • Individual with distinct piercings or tattoos may wish to consider covering them for the session.
      • Do your research!
        • Some companies have very distinct policies on their image and what they want their employees to project. 
    • Get a good night’s sleep, set an alarm, and eat breakfast!


  • What do I bring? 
    • Plenty of resumes, a pen that has plenty of ink, a notepad, calendar, personal business cards (optional)
  • Take notes & ask questions!
    • Recruiters will take note of job seekers who are prepared and engaged! Stand out for all the right reasons – not because you fell asleep...
  • Ask for the Recruiter’s business card 
    • If the Recruiter has run out of cards, be prepared to write down the recruiter’s contact information. (Very important for follow up emails!)


  • Review all notes and additional information gathered during the session
    • Think: What are the positions I want to be considered for?
  • Follow Up to Keep the Conversation Going!
    • Send a “Thank You” email to the Recruiter/Representative you spoke with
      • Keep it brief, but include specific information that will help you stand out in the Recruiter’s memory!
        • This is a great opportunity to ask questions that you might have forgotten to ask in the initial meeting.

**Sample Follow up Email**
 I enjoyed speaking with you at the Recruitment Event on [DATE] at JVS CareerSolution. I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about [COMPANY NAME]. I feel confident that I would be a valuable addition to the [COMPANY NAME] team, as I have extensive experience with [INSERT SKILL AREA/CERTIFICATION]. I look forward to speaking with you soon about the [JOB YOU APPLIED FOR] position.
Best of luck with your decisions!


We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming recruitment session!
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