It’s natural to be nervous before a job interview. But it’s possible to tame the nerves so that they don’t get in the way. Here are three tips that can help.

JVS CareerSolution regularly hosts Recruitment Sessions, but why should you consider attending one of these three upcoming sessions?

My name is Katherine Kent and I have been the new Young Adult Outreach Coordinator/Social Media Specialist for 2 months and it has taken about that long for me to catch my breath! Starting at JVS has been a whirlwind that included live-tweeting our annual gala, as well as a ribbon cutting to welcome the public to our new home.

Sara Miller had extensive work experience when she came to CareerSolution, but she needed guidance on how to best share that impressive work experience with future employers. George Zeller helped her create a new resume that would best reflect her skills. She had a background in marketing, operations, and senior level administrative support. Using this information, we came up with a resume targeted toward project manager / coordinator / senior administrator.

When you think about making a career decision, what do you think of assessing first? Your skills, values, and/or interests?