Customized Career Services for Professionals

Do you want to change careers? Or are you looking for a better job? If so, we can help!

Our Professional Career Services team will work with you to achieve these career goals. We offer various workshops as well as individualized 1-on-1 sessions. Our clients include new grads, young professionals, established professionals, career changers, career re-launchers and mature workers 55+. We can partner with you to find a more satisfying career and better paying job in less time.

Let Us Help You:

Job Search Coaching

• Implement an effective job search plan
• Navigate the hidden job market
• Integrate social media including LinkedIn & Twitter
• Create superb resumes
• Interview like a pro
• Evaluate job offers
• Negotiate salary

Career Counseling

• Analyze your skills and preferences
• Identify and explore career options
• Make decisions based on self-knowledge and job market trends
• Develop a plan to reach your goals
• Resolve current workplace issues 

All services are below market value. Contact us now to see how we can help with you job search!

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“Not only did I walk out with an action plan to develop, but numerous resources to weave into the plan.”

“You’ve been SO helpful with my resume and … you were right – it’s all about LinkedIn and networking.”

“You did an excellent job in guiding our group discussion, getting everyone involved, and providing a calm and soothing atmosphere.”

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Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, qualified jobseekers may be eligible to receive an Individual Training Account which will pay the cost of a short-term, specialized training program to help them find a new job or advance in their careers. Some examples of approved training programs include:

        • Certified Nurse Assistant 
        • Computer/Office Skills Training
        • Facility Maintenance Technician
        • Medical Assistant
        • Hospitality Training 

To be eligible to apply for WIOA funding through a Boston career center, you must be a(n):

        • Income-eligible Boston resident
        • Dislocated worker of a Boston company
        • A Boston resident currently receiving unemployment insurance (UI) benefits
Training Opportunities Program Section 30

Section 30 approval allows unemployment insurance (UI) claimants to collect benefits while enrolled in full-time, approved training. The Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) waives the usual requirement to look for employment while customers attend training so they may develop marketable skills and then find suitable employment.

If you are approved for training under Section 30, you can:

        • Continue to collect UI benefits while participating in a job skills training program. DUA will waive your work search requirement while you are enrolled in full-time, agency-approved training.
        • Receive up to 26 weeks of extended UI benefits.

Section 30 does not pay the cost of training. You must apply for Section 30 during the first 20 weeks of your claim.

You can request a Section 30 Application 2 ways:

        • ONLINE: Request online by using your Online Weekly Questionnaire and DUA will e-mail the application to your UI Online Inbox or directly to your home.
        • BY PHONE: Contact the TOPS Unit at 617-626-5521 and speak with a staff member

Ex-Offender Services

Job Seeking can be particularly challenging for an ex-offender. Almost every employment application asks in some fashion if a person has a criminal record. We understand that a person with a criminal record is going to face greater challenges in obtaining work, but many individuals with records do find employment and meaningful careers.

CORI Drop-In Hour

If you have a criminal record and are having issues finding employment, a CareerSolution career counselor/job developer can help you:

  • Obtain a copy of your Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and discuss how it affects your job search
  • Practice interviewing and learn to respond to questions about your CORI
  • Learn how to job search with a criminal record
  • Provide assistance on how to develop a resume and cover letter that highlights your skills and experience
  • Explore the industries and occupations for appropriate employment options
CORI Review

Provides notary services to obtain a free copy of a personal CORI Report. After receiving the CORI, CareerSolution sets up legal services for interpretation and advice.

Disability Employment Services

" There’s an employer out there looking for someone with your skills and experience."

 Universal Access

CareerSolution offers specialized staff who are available to support a persons with disabilities access services at the One-Stop Career Center.  They are also available to assist employers with their recruitment needs.

Assistive Technology Available

CareerSolution provides specialized equipment/computer programs to allow individuals with disabilities utilize the career center independently.

  •  Adaptive equipment and resources for individuals with disabilities
  • CCTV multicolor magnifying system for print material
  • ZoomText – computer screen enhancer
  •  JAWS – screen reader
  • Dragon Dictate – voice activated typing program
  • Choris Listening System – amplifies sound
Additional Resources Relating to Reasonable Accommodations, Assistive Technology and Accessibility:

Manage your Career

Introducing Gateway to Careers

A FREE interactive, comprehensive career management


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The Career Gateway is a way to access online tools, resources and leads that help you to be more successful in finding and securing   employment. You’ll learn about career opportunities, find training programs, links to placements services, and much, much more.

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Gateway is a practical and easy to use web-based resource that can be used to complement and support you in achieving your goals!


Features Include…

•    Professional Portfolio Development

•    Career Assessments
•    Labor Market Information
•    Training & Education Resources
•    And More…