Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, qualified jobseekers may be eligible to receive an Individual Training Account which will pay the cost of a short-term, specialized training program to help them find a new job or advance in their careers. Some examples of approved training programs include:

        • Certified Nurse Assistant 
        • Computer/Office Skills Training
        • Facility Maintenance Technician
        • Medical Assistant
        • Hospitality Training 

To be eligible to apply for WIOA funding through a Boston career center, you must be a(n):

        • Income-eligible Boston resident
        • Dislocated worker of a Boston company
        • A Boston resident currently receiving unemployment insurance (UI) benefits
Training Opportunities Program Section 30

Section 30 approval allows unemployment insurance (UI) claimants to collect benefits while enrolled in full-time, approved training. The Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) waives the usual requirement to look for employment while customers attend training so they may develop marketable skills and then find suitable employment.

If you are approved for training under Section 30, you can:

        • Continue to collect UI benefits while participating in a job skills training program. DUA will waive your work search requirement while you are enrolled in full-time, agency-approved training.
        • Receive up to 26 weeks of extended UI benefits.

Section 30 does not pay the cost of training. You must apply for Section 30 during the first 20 weeks of your claim.

You can request a Section 30 Application 2 ways:

        • ONLINE: Request online by using your Online Weekly Questionnaire and DUA will e-mail the application to your UI Online Inbox or directly to your home.
        • BY PHONE: Contact the TOPS Unit at 617-626-5521 and speak with a staff member