Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, qualified jobseekers may be eligible to receive an Individual Training Account (ITA) which will cover, up to a set cost, a short-term vocational training program. All approved training programs have been thoroughly vetted and will guide students through career advancement. The subjects are wide ranging and include administration, art, customer service, healthcare, hospitality, human services, IT, and project management.

To be eligible for WIOA funding through JVS CareerSolution, you must lack marketable skills and be either a:
        • Low Income Boston Resident
        • Dislocated Worker (collecting Unemployment Insurance) with a Boston tie (through your residency or last employer)
Section 30/Training Opportunities Program/TOP

Section 30 approval allows unemployment insurance (UI) claimants to collect benefits while enrolled in full-time, approved training. The Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) waives the usual requirement to look for employment while the claimant attends training to develop marketable skills and find suitable employment.

Section 30 Benefits:
        • You may be eligible for UP TO an additional 26 weeks of UI benefits while in approved training, as long as the training is approved by DUA to enhance skills for “in demand” jobs..
        • Your work search requirements may be waived while attending full-time, approved training.
Section 30 Logistics:
        • Section 30/TOP does not pay for training
        • Section 30/TOP form must be submitted to DUA by the 20th payable week of benefits.
Section 30 Next Steps:

1. First you must locate a Section 30 approved program, find the list at or ask the financial aid office at your school
2. Gain acceptance into Section 30 Approved Program – every school has a different process
3. Once you are formally accepted, print the Section 30/TOP form from your UI online account — the same place where you file your weekly claim for benefits. It will be 6-7 pages in total.
4. Bring the Section 30/TOP form to the school’s representative, and have them complete their respective two pages of the form.
5. As the customer, make sure you fill out your respective portions of the form
6. Once the form is completed, submit the form to Unemployment Insurance in person at 19 Staniford Street in Boston

Other Services

Job seekers who are not approved for a training voucher may be eligible for Individualized Services, which provide intensive one-on-one coaching from a Career Navigator to help you land your next job.