Support for Veterans

Veterans Employment and Training Specialist

Veterans’ Specialists are former members of the United States Armed Forces committed to providing unemployed and underemployed veterans with the highest quality of services.

The country counted on you in time of need. It is now our responsibility to support you in your employment endeavors.

Veterans’ Representatives will:
  • Help you organize your job search and direction
  • Work with you to design your own personal employment plan, a comprehensive and flexible way to help you manage your job search
  • Assist you with tailoring your cover letter and resume to your career path
  • Help you to develop your job leads and review training options
Get Started:
  • Become a CareerSolution member (by completing a brief orientation)
  • Provide a copy of your DD214 (if you no longer have one in your possession, we can assist you with obtaining one)



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Job Search Skills

A great overview of how to look for employment, this category has general workshops that focus broadly on finding you the right career.


Resume workshops focus specifically on formatting your work history and skills in a way that best suits your desired area of employment.


Learn more about making business connections with others, and how to use these relationships to help find a job.


These workshops will help give you the confidence you need to have a successful interview by allowing you to practice with experts and to rehearse common interview questions.

Career Exploration

If you’re looking to change your career and find something new, these workshops help you to discover the types of jobs that you may be suited for.

Computer Workshops

Computer workshops give you the basic skills you need to use this vital tool in the modern workforce.

Social Media

Learn about different social media sites and how they can open up employment opportunities.

Financial Health

Financial Health workshops will help you gain confidence in your finances and understand how this effects your employment situation.